Non Fungible Venus

is a charitable NFT project.

The Non Fungbile Venus Pre-Sale will start on 30th June 2022, 08:00 am EST (20:00 pm HKT).


Join us and get ready

Non Fungible Venus is a charitable NFT project. We are suggesting FOUR locally registered charity organizations: Mother’s Choice, Hong Kong Cancer Fund, Art in Hospital, and Asia Art Archive.

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「Non Fungible Venus」Story

Non Fungible Venus is a 888 NFT Collection of Venus, based on the eternal artistic image by Sandro Botticelli, algorithmically generated on the Ethereum Blockchain via the ERC 721 token standard. Non Fungible Venus are hand-drawn digital collectibles.

Each Venus is unique and made up of different skin colours, accessories, outfit, objects, and more.

Why Non Fungbile Venus?

  • We charge ZERO administrative fee on every Venus.
    Make your donation to either of the three suggested charitable organisations directly. Our platform does NOT charge any fee on the Venus NFT.
  • Free mint of one Venus after each donation
    Make a one-time donation of HKD500 to either of the 3 organisations and submit the donation proof to Then you have the chance to win one Venus NFT for free.
  • More donations get more Venus. An additional donation brings you another chance to win one more Venus NFT. There is no limit of donation in this project since we believe there should be no limit for helping people!

Non Fungible Venus Roadmap

  • Phase One- Minting take place
    Total 888 of Non Fungible Venus go 100% to charity!
  • Phase Two - Physical artwork
    The owners of Venus can commission a physical artwork of their own Venus or another customized version. 30% of the proceeds will be donated to the three suggested charitable organizations.
  • Phase Three - Artistic collaboration
    The Venus Team comes from Hong Kong. We are hoping to collaborate with different artists to bring the project to another level, resulting in benefiting more people in the Hong Kong society.
  • Phase Four - Merch!
    We will be creating branded items for public sale. 30% of the proceeds will be donated to the three suggested charitable organizations.


Marcello Kwan

Some of you have probably seen Marcello talking about art at work.
But you might not know he has for decades been creating art - his lifetime passion.


Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data on the blockchain stored on a digital ledger. Its purpose is to establish the proof of ownership of digital assets such as jpg, videos, gifs and more

Non Fungible Venus is an NFT art created by Marcello Kwan who is hoping to benefit the Hong Kong society by creating art.

You can use the image as your icon on social media in order to spread the message of helping people. With your Venus, you can commission a physical artwork in art print or work on canvas format.

In order to get a Venus, all you need is a MetaMask wallet.

You can get a Venus through our website when our pre-sale and public sale launches. After that, it will be available for second hand purchase on Opensea.

Stay tuned for updates on our Official Website and Instagram Account for any news regarding to the launch time and our future plans!